White People: DO SOMETHING.

Could you be a white supremacist and just not know it?

The Honest Therapist
3 min readJun 1, 2020


Am I a prophet and I just don’t know it? I wrote these lines Before Last Week: “Please RSVP. The revolution has already started.” This week, more than ever, I want to hear your response to this question:

Are you anti-racist or are you racist? Note that “not racist” is not one of the options, because it doesn’t exist. You are either one or the other. And if you’re not actively combating racism, then you are racist.

I’ll repeat that: “Not racist” is not an option. “Not racist” doesn’t exist.

I have a fail-safe way of telling which one you are. It’s actually pretty easy to know what a person is all about; you just look at their calendar and their bank account. If we were to look at yours, is racial equity anywhere in there? If you are not spending any time or money on it, then, buddy, you just don’t care! And, as everybody knows, if you’re not solving the problem, then you ARE the problem.

How do you know what a person cares about?

You look at their calendar and their bank account.

So are you someone who cares about social equity, or someone who SAYS they care about social equity? Are you doing anything to create change? If you can’t answer that question right away, with concrete examples, then you are on the oppressor’s side.

Think about it. Be honest with yourself. Do you say you care, but not enough to actually DO anything? Are you living off the products of white supremacy? (Yes, the answer is yes. You are.)

If any of this applies to you, you are, in fact, a white supremacist, no better, and, in fact, worse than the ones in white robes. “Good White People” are the most dangerous, because at least with the “real” racists, we know exactly what we’re dealing with. With White liberals, we don’t know what you’re really about, we don’t know what you stand up for, if anything, or if you’re just living your life, your White life.

So are you really who you say you are? Are you living your White life in line with the values you say you hold?

Start putting your money and your time where your mouth is or start owning who you really are. We just want to know. We need to know what side you’re on so that we can plan accordingly. We need to know whether we can count on you. So please RSVP. The revolution has already started.

P.S. Also, check in with your friends of color, if you have any, and not just to tell them how sad YOU are. Trust me, they are sadder than you. Ask them what you can do FOR THEM right now. And then ask a White friend what you can do for the cause.

But I’ll get you started with a couple of quick-and-easy’s: